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Project Description
LockCrypt is an easy to use account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information.

Written in C#, but the source tree contains code in WPF, Windows Forms (for Windows Mobile), and Java.

LockCrypt includes:
  • AES or TwoFish encryption provides secure storage for data.
  • Password generator.
  • Native translations into German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Hebrew and more.
  • Secure Clipboard to protect passwords.
  • Windows Mobile version for PDAs and smartphones.
  • J2ME version for Java capable mobile phones.
  • Groups to help keep accounts organised.
  • Export to XML, CSV, HTML or Plain text files.
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface.
  • Print output.
  • ... and much more

LockCrypt Home Page

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